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The Subconscious Mind – Outwitting Our Nerves – A Primer Of Psychotherapy

The Subconscious Mind – Outwitting Our Nerves – A Primer Of Psychotherapy


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One thought on “The Subconscious Mind – Outwitting Our Nerves – A Primer Of Psychotherapy

  1. Andrew Warrick The Particular Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: A Defense of Single-Fulfillment Christ-Centered Prophecy
    Dear Andrew greetings.

    Your lack of knowledge and out right ignorance, down right embarrassing to witness. Would like to correct your disgraceful insights, perhaps you will “own” this mussar written from an Israeli to a simple Goy who clearly has almost no knowledge what so ever of T’NaCH literature. First, you’re not alone. Most Xtians who attempt to communicate their ignoble ignorance to me, likewise prove themselves as utter ignoramuses like yourself. To address specifically what you yourself have published:

    [[[“””Far from getting across their own thoughts, the prophets sometimes would express bewilderment over their message and their ministry. Daniel often did not understand his visions, and when he asked for understanding at the end of his prophecies he was denied, “for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end” (Dan. 12:9).”””]]]

    Very hard to correct, much less educate stupid. Daniel, the Book published in his name, a book of mysticism. The Book of Daniel, part of the Writings portion of the NaCH, N 0 T included within the Prophetic Books of the NaCH. Daniel, written in Aramaic. The much later Zohar, the classic Middle Ages Book of Jewish mysticism – likewise written in Aramaic. Move on.

    [[[“””Jeremiah had no motivation to speak himself, but God said, “whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak” (Jer. 1:6-7). The very structure of Jeremiah (and several other prophets) reflects what one would expect if he was simply faithfully recording the messages delivered to him rather than presenting his own work”””]]].

    The Roman authors who published the religious rhetoric propaganda known as the New Testament, had no more education in rabbinic Torah and Talmudic scholarship than you yourself. Their rhetoric propaganda compares to Joseph Goebbels efforts to justify the Nazi invasion of Poland. The gospel book of John, notorious for arousing Antisemitic rage within Jew hating mobs – throughout history. Rhetoric propaganda feeds off human emotions. Watch Mel Gibson’s “Passion”. The purpose of such films, just as bottom eating catfish contrast with trout, so too propaganda promotes powerful emotional disturbances within the heart of the viewing audience.

    All Xtian bible translations duplicate perversion and intellectual adultery. The Church denies the Oral Torah revelation at Horev (שמות לד:ו,ז 34:6-7). Chapters and verses – introduced by Xtian biblical translators – perverted Oral Torah logic. The Church confuses Oral Torah logic with the codification of halachah\law located in the Oral Torah code, known as the Talmud. Logic and Law two completely different and separate topics, which Xtian ignorance blurred and obscured.

    The revelation of the 13 middot (commonly translated as “attributes”), establishes a most essential priority: Order. All logic system formats require as a bare minimum – Order. Xtian chapters and verses replaced and expunged sugiot. A fundamental error committed by all generations of Goyim who profess a belief in JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary, they presume the possibility of grasping knowledge of Hebrew scriptures – completely and totally divorced – from the culture and customs of the people who wrote those scriptures.

    Oral Torah logic contrasts with, it does not compare to – ancient Greek philosophy of logic, developed by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The mitzva to love HaShem likewise does not require Greek agape definitions for love. Through the mitzva of kre’a shma, the Torah defines the meaning of love. As the acceptance of responsibility for bless/curse\life/death – the very same oath brit which Israel swore the נעשה ונשמע oath at Sinai – the eternal and sole inheritance of the chosen bnai brit Israel Cohen nation.

    Neither logic, nor swearing a Torah oath depends upon what a person personally believes – good, bad, or indifferent. Both the T’NaCH foundation and the later Talmudic “upper floors”, of faith, stand upon the יסוד of precedents as expressed through the system of jurisprudence known as “Common Law”. The later Talmudic literature obeys the example established by the much earlier T’NaCH precedent literature. The ratio between Aggaditah to Halachah within the pages of the Talmud, follows the precedent the Books of the Torah set. The Written Torah has 5 Books. The Opening Book – teaches Aggaditah, whereas the four Books that follow, they focus much more upon Torah commandments. This 4:1 Halachah\Aggaditah ratio likewise reproduced in the Babylonian Talmud.

    Late in the 19th Century German Protestant theologians attempted with their “Higher Criticism” of the Bible, to learn those ancient texts — as if the Jewish people had become extinct — like Dinosaurs. This line of scholarship collapsed early in the 20th Century. But the Nazis together with their Allied “enemies” picked up the fumbled attempt by literally murdering 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

    The leaders of the Western Allied alliance made the conscious choice not to bomb the rail lines, permitting Nazi trains to transport Jews to the death camps. No victorious leader of the Allied Alliance stood trial at Nuremberg, condemned for war crimes. Defeated France became a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council – as if it had won the war against the Nazis.

    Communism, Fascism, Democracy — all equally guilty of committing, with knowledge, through acts of commission or omission – war crimes against Humanity. During the war, FDR condemned French imperialism in Vietnam, yet President Truman permitted the use of US ships to return French overlords back to Vietnam. Millions of innocent people murdered as a direct result of US imperialism in south east Asia. America lost its illegal wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan, yet sits as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, just like France.

    The sugia which contains the cherry picked p’sukim located in your blog page, ירמיה א:ד-י\1:4-10. Learning by way of precedents, compare ירמיה ב:כט-ג:י. Cross reference a similar precedent located in Kings מלכים ב ו:כד- ז:ב. The precedents learn that prophetic musser prioritizes the power of HaShem, and not the personal Will of the Prophet as your blog suggests.


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